MBBS in Philippines University

Medical (≈MBBS/MD) admission in Philippines

Studying MBBS In Philippines has become popular among the students in India. The students who completed their higher secondary exams start preparing for their future courses most Indian students prepare for NEET or other competitive exams. But joining medicine in Philippines, the student does not have to prepare for any such exams. Their entire admission process is very simple and easier. The course is also affordable by any middle class students in India who wish to apply for medicine.

Eligibility for medical admission in Philippines

To get admission in any medical college or university Indian students must satisfy the following eligibility criteria.

  • The student must be citizen of India.
  • Should be 18 years of age.
  • Should have completed higher secondary education in any of the recognized boards.
  • Must possess minimum of 60% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
  • Should apply for eligibility certificate from the MCI.

If the student has these above mentioned qualities then he/she can apply for their medical education in Philippines through any educational consultant. The students can also apply directly to the specific college or university. But applying through an educational consultant is advisable.

How to apply?

In India we can find many overseas educational consultants who are providing quality education in many countries across the globe. One such best educational consultant is the Transworld Educare. They are the authorized principal associate of Davao Medical School Foundation, a leading medical college in Philippines.

Students who wish to study in Philippines can apply with Transworld Educare in Pune. They are operating since 1999 in providing Direct MBBS Admission In Philippines to Indian students in Philippines.

Admission Procedure in Philippines

The medical education pattern in Philippines is based on American system of education. They follow 10+4 pattern. After the completion of their schools the students must take BS course for 4 years in the Philippines. But in India we follow 10+2 system.

Later on completing the BS degree for 4 years the students will be given admission to the MD degree for another 4 years in any of the medical college the student chooses. Initially the Indian students will have to study pre-medical courses as we follow 10+2 pattern. The BS course is to improve the credit score for the student.

These courses mainly include majors such as biology, psychology, medical technology, biochemistry, microbiology and physical therapy. Any one major should be selected and the course duration will be 1.5 years.

For Indian students these pre-medical courses are provided through Transworld Educare in Pune. Students will be awarded with B.s degree in Pune and will be sent to Davao medical School Philippines for their 4 year MD course. Before joining MD courses students must take NMAT exam. It is an common eligibility exam conducted by the government of Philippines for every student who applies for medical education in Philippines. These NMAT exams are conducted twice a year and the questions are based on the pre-medical degree courses. Students on passing these exams will be given admission into their preferred college in the Philippines.

Where to apply for MBBS in Philippines?

The Indian students can apply with Transworld Educare, the principal educational associate of Davao medical School. For more details on admission and the procedures contact Transworld head office located in Pune.

They help the students with all the required documents like eligibility certificates and visa processing through the Transworld Educare. Visit their official website or mail them at info@transworldeducare.com