MBBS in Philippines University

Why MBBS in Abroad?

Studying MBBS in Abroad will be the best option for Indian students. MBBS in Abroad is preferred mainly due to their advantages such as Low cost, High quality education, easy and instant admission process. To apply MBBS in Abroad or Direct MBBS admission Abroad the student should have completed his high school and must be 18 years of age. Most students choose countries to study medicine as they are more affordable than in India.

Also, Indian students will have to face a lot of tough competition among the students to join the course. Every year nearly 10 lakhs of students apply for thousands of seats available in the Indian medical colleges. Not all those students will get their preferred college. Joining medicine courses abroad will be an easier option to most of the students in India.

MBBS Abroad vs. MBBS in India

Medical courses abroad and the medical courses in India has their own advantages and drawbacks. Not every student wishes to study abroad. But they have no other option left over to choose between moving on to other courses and pursuing the course they love. The educational system and the course patterns will vary among the countries. Most countries prefer British standard of education and some countries stick with American educational pattern.

Most of the foreign countries do not have any competitive entrance exams to get admissions into the medical colleges or universities. No NEET exams or reservations of seats among the colleges in abroad. But in India student must take their exam to apply for medical college.

The duration of MBBS course in some countries is lesser than in Indian medical colleges. Most often medical courses in India are nearly 6 years long and the student has to do internship for a year at the end of their course.

Cost spent for MBBS in Indian private medical colleges is much higher. As the number of private medical colleges are more than the government medical colleges students will have to take private colleges and end up paying huge sum of money.

Approximately the donation fee in Indian medical college would be 15 to 35 lakhs INR and the tuition fee per year would be 5 to 8 lakhs. But the students can study MBBS abroad with fees less than 8 lakhs per annum in many countries.

What is the best country to study MBBS in abroad?

Most countries offer medicine courses for Indian students at lower costs than in India. Some of the famous countries that top the list of foreign destination among Indian students are China, Russia, Philippines, Ukraine, and some other eastern European countries. Countries like America and England are more suitable but are even more costly for Indian students. The cost of living will be more than the cost for education in those countries. Not all middle class Indian students can afford to join these countries. Among the above mentioned list China, Russia and Philippines are the most preferred countries by Indians. But since 2010 the students started to skip China and Russia over their education and are more likely to join Philippines.

MBBS in Philippines vs. China vs. Russia

Studying medicine in Philippines has its own advantages and stands out from other countries. The students are attracted by the features provided in the medical colleges of Philippines than in China and Russia. The educational quality is better in Philippines and the students passing rate is higher than the students from China and Philippines. Basic requirements like Indian food availability and normal climatic conditions make the students to apply for MBBS course in Philippines. Both China and Russia are cold countries which is hard for Indian students to survive.

Other advantage of studying in Philippines is their official language. Students applying for China and Russia should learn at least the basic words in their local language for proper communication. Philippines, the official language is English which is well known by most Indian students. Most medical colleges are approved by MCI of India in Philippines and they maintain their standards. Also, their learning system is based on American syllabus. Students are offered with MD degree instead of MBBS. Studying in Philippines helps students to attend USMLE (American entrance exams) easily and they has the highest passing percentage over other countries.

How to join MBBS in Philippines?

To studyMBBS in Philippines students can apply with Transworld Educare. The procedure for joining MBBS in Philippines is easier and simpler. Students from India must apply for eligibility certificate from the MCI to study in the certain college in Philippines. As the fake agents have been looting students the MCI has implemented these safety measures.

Unless the student gets the certificate he can practice medicine in India when he returns after the graduation. The student should also apply for visa and approval from the embassy in Philippines and India.

Why to choose Davao Medical School Foundation?

The Davao Medical School Foundation is one of the best medical colleges in Philippines for Indian student. It is also one among the top medical colleges of the Philippines. Davao Medical School Foundation offers MD courses at lower rates for Indian students in Davao city.

The Davao Medical college has been noted as the best medical college for Indian students in the Philippines for the past 5 years. It is also one of the abroad medical colleges approved by the MCI (Medical Council of India). Students from India can practice medicine in India once they are graduated from the DMSF medical college. The college has best infrastructure facilities and high tech equipment in their laboratories. All their labs and colleges are fully digitized and are easy to access. Most of the classes are based on practical sessions.

The students of DMSF have good results in clearing the MCI screening test in India. The medical college is also recognized as one of the best medical college by the World Health Organization (WHO). Most faculties of DMSF are from America and other parts of the globe. Also more number of Indian students can be found in DMSF doing their medical courses. Considering the food and accommodation facilities Indian students are given more importance for their food and hostel. Separate hostel facilities along with Indian cuisine are available for Indian students in DMSF medical college.

For Direct MBBS Admission in Philippipnes for Indian students at low cost or to study MBBS in Abroad at low cost contact Davao Medical School Foundation through Transworld Educare.

Where to apply for MBBS in DMSF?

To study medicine abroad Indian students can apply with Transworld Educare. The authorized associate of Davao Medical College in India is the Transworld Educare. Transworld offers MD courses for Indian students in Philippines at low costs. Students can contact for more details regarding MBBS Admission In Philippines process. Wide range of facilities can be found in Transworld. It is the principal associate of DMSF medical college having its head office in Pune India.

The college is established in the year 1999 and works as the best agent in providing medical courses. The facilities available in Transworld are of world standards. The college is fully digitized and students are provided with good facilities. For more information contact Transworld Educare through their website or mail them your enquiry to [email protected]